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All particles of a given species are completely identical. For example, the shapes and distances of the orbits of the electrons of an atom are completely identical for all atoms with the same number of electrons. This is the reason why, for example, any two oxygen atoms will be exactly the same, any two carbon atoms will be exactly the same, and so on. Metatron Hospital Remote Therapy Scanning

Low Frequency Automat, Metatron Products in Stock and Medicomat Diagnostic. The loss of skin cells from the scalp is a normal part of the life cycle of skin cells. However, excessive flaking of the scalp, or dandruff, is a common cosmetic problem experienced by millions of people. test

All functions and capabilities of the best and the latest Metatron Hospital bioresonance system are fully available in remote mode. Therapy

As the high frequency, shortwaved electromagnetic waves travel through the body, they generate heat. This type of therapy is particular good with treating deep muscles and joints that are protected by thicker tissues. Metatron Therapy

Computers at Health Care, Metatron Products in Stock and Quantum Headset Counseling. test Note: One hair sample is required for scanning and another hair sample is required for remote therapy.


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