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Metatron Hospital Upgraded By Medicomat Ltd For Remote Mode
∙ Health Test Scanning and Treatment for the Entire World
∙ The First and Only Metatron Hospital Patented System for Remote Mode
∙ The Quickest, Easiest and Most Precise Full-Body Scan

Welcome to the quantum universe, where there is no time and space just a scalar quantum field and where also your body's information field emits a signature frequency. By entering into the Metatron Hospital Remote some personal details which carry this frequency it picks up your frequency anywhere in the world to scan and treat the organs and the underlying structures all the way down to the structure of the DNA.

Personal data that carry the signature frequency and that determine the client's Biological-ID (Quantum-ID) are name date of birth gender blood type address phone. Also, the Remote Therapy system can work with a biological DNA sample from hair and nails.

METATRON REMOTE® is a patent-protected and trademarked upgrade for Metatron Hospital that enables it for remote health scanning and treatment at any distance.

All functions and capabilities of the best and the latest Metatron Hospital bioresonance system are fully available in remote mode. Also, the upgraded Metatron Hospital can be used with the same features in two ways: in local mode with headsets or in remote mode. METATRON REMOTE® set contains: 1) original packaging of Metatron Hospital and 2) Medicomat quantum remote devices.

New generation of software supports Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese languages.

 REMOTE FEATURES:    Health Scanning and Full Body Scan    Remote Treatments   Food Intolerance Test 

Now everyone can try METATRON REMOTE® quantum bioresonance before buying their own device.
Just submit your personal details and you will receive a health report within hours.

Required personal details that determines your Quantum-ID are: name, gender, date of birth, blood type, address, phone.

Bio-resonance or NLS-diagnostics refers to the process of reading, processing, and analyzing information obtained from the electromagnetic waves emitted by the human body, including DNA and chromosomes. This technique allows for the precise identification of the nature, origins, and extent of potentially harmful processes detected by METATRON during a diagnostic session, as well as the ability to predict future health trends. To conduct the scanning, bioinductors are utilized as special trigger sensors capable of assessing the condition of all cells in the human body, as well as the activity of bacteria, parasites, and other infectious agents present within it. Unlike other methods, METATRON specifically targets the subcortical brain, which serves as a comprehensive source of information regarding the ongoing processes within the organism. The information obtained during a temporary (20-minute) diagnostic session is transformed into a digital signal, which is then decoded and analyzed by METATRON's unique software. METATRON's software database contains a comprehensive collection of 10,000 spectral etalons representing various processes and preparations. These etalons are used to identify illnesses and provide suggestions for remedies. Additionally, METATRON assesses the compatibility between the body and various preparations (such as medications, dietary supplements, phytopreparations, food items, minerals, and stones) that are not already present in its database. This is achieved through the use of a specialized bio-resonance chamber. By placing a sample of the chosen preparation inside METATRON's bio-resonance chamber, a compatibility test between the body and the preparation can be conducted. The research results encompass an analysis of different vital activity rates, ranging from the condition of the body's biologically active zones to recommendations for dietary supplements. Our software incorporates a system of markers that identify any dysfunctional changes in the body, their causes, expected progression, and severity. Subsequently, recommendations are provided, and our database includes a wide range of preparations. DATA RECEIVED ASSESSMENT Organopreparations (assessing the extent of damage to different tissues) Biochemical homeostasis (evaluating the main biochemical parameters) Patomorphology (standards for destructive processes) Microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, fungi, helminths) Allergens (food, domestic, vegetable, industrial) Microelements* (all chemical elements present in the body) Nosology (standards for nosological forms of the disease) Psychoemotional state* (assessing the emotional background of the patient) RECOMMENDATIONS Allopathy (synthetic medicinal preparations) Homeopathy Phytotherapy (medicinal plants) Nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) Food and drinks (dietetic and not recommended for use) Lythotherapy (gems and minerals) Bach Flower Remedies* (vibrational medicines) Traditional Chinese preparations and therapeutic food* Apitherapy* (different types of honey) Medicinal cosmetics*.


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